Opinion: Michael Minkler is an arrogant, egotistical hack

At the 2007 Academy Awards, sound mixer Michael Minkler made rude and hurtful comments about his colleague Kevin O’Connell who left the awards early to be by his dying mother’s side. We think that was a really low class, dirty move and we lost respect for Michael Minkler as a result.

Further discussion about Michael Minkler’s hateful comments and his subsequent attempts to censor any online discussions about them can be read at the following links:

O’Connell was with dying mom while being bashed at Oscars

Greg P. Russell Responds to Michael Minkler’s Comments

Sore Winner: A big case of foot in mouth for Michael Minkler

Catfights with the sound people!

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Oscar Sound Mixer Smackdown II: Team ‘Apocalypto’ Responds

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Kevin O’Connell: Still an Oscar Bridesmaid?

19 time loser mocked after leaving Oscars to be with dying mother

Harsh sounds afoot at the Oscars …

Yet Another Oscar Controversy

Win an Oscar for Sound Mixing…and behave like a pompous ass

Michael Minkler is an asshole and a hack

Go straight to hell Michael Minkler! (Sound Oscar winner)
(this URL was taken down after legal threats and bullying by Michael Minkler. See Michael Minkler gets 7-year old message board post deleted)

Three time Academy Award winner Michael Minkler is evil

Threatened with legal action over a 2007 post

How lame is THIS?

In the matter of Michael Minkler

10 thoughts on “Opinion: Michael Minkler is an arrogant, egotistical hack

  1. As the person who was bullied, I’d like to thank you for this blog. There are several links here I hadn’t even seen before.

    • Thank you for your comments Equipoise. Sorry that he bullied you. Hopefully there is some comfort to be found in the knowledge that his heavy handed attempt to silence your voice only served to inspire many others to speak out against his unacceptable behavior. Not only at the Oscars but also toward you.

  2. The thing that is so astonishing about Minkler being a particularly unpleasant and graceless winner is the fact that, in his category, the only part that counts is being nominated. The Oscar nominees are selected by the votes of other sound engineers via a process called the “bake off” – a selected scene or group of scenes from each film is played, in a theater, for the pros. So any nominee is an example of the best work of the year. But the general membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is not composed of sound engineers. The vast majority are actors, who really have no idea what makes a good sound mix. So they vote for the films they like, and the winner is usually the film that won a bunch of other awards. Also, Minkler is only one member of a team; the sound mix on a Hollywood feature is so complicated that some sound boards used for feature film mixing have more than 100 faders, so the final mix may involve a team effort by three people.

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